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Wilson + The Cast Aways is an indie folk collective based in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada). Lead by Singer/Songwriter Andrew Wilson, the band is made up of a rotating cast of his friends each talented artists in their own right. With a range of acoustic instruments, and voices swapping off lead & harmony parts between and within songs, the band's goal is a simple one: to serve the songs; to write, craft and share the songs in such a way that the story can be felt, and not just heard by each person in their audience. From the quietest of ballads to foot-stomping, sing-a-longs, to wild folk-epics, sharing a connection is always at the heart of their work.

"I believe that the best kind of songs, the ones that truly connect with people -- and connecting with people is really all this is about -- are the ones that are that doesn't always mean that the story in them happened, but rather that it could have."

With songs drawing influence from everything from the beauty of the Canadian landscape, to historical events, personal struggles, favourite authors and artists all around, Wilson + The Cast Aways look to bring their stories to anyone who will listen, from coffee shops, to concert halls, people's homes and backyards, parks, record stores and art galleries, playing their way into the hearts of new friends, learning in the give and take of live performance. 

Currently working on their debut release (Due North EP due out later this year, 2017) with a single about to be released (May 24th) Wilson + The Cast Aways are looking forward to continuing to grow their audience one person at a time. Check out upcoming dates to find out where you can hear them next!

Audience @ SOFAR London, ON (Blurred)

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